Simon Bartlett, President of the world skill organization, is appointed Honorary Professor of Shanghai Publishing and Printing College 03-14

In March 2nd, the appointment ceremony of honorary professor Simon Bartlett, chairman of World Skills Organization, was held in the five floor hall of Shanghai Publishing and Printing College library. The leaders of the relevant departments of Shanghai are invited to attend. All the leaders of the Shanghai Publishing and Printing College participated in the appointment ceremony. The appointment ceremony was presided over by the deputy president Teng Yuemin.

The ceremony, Teng Yuemin introduced the world skills group president Simon Bartlett, Shanghai Publishing and Printing College President Chen Bin awarded Simon Bartlett an honorary professor of letters of appointment and wear the school badge. Simon Bartlett then made a speech. He hoped to make more young people have access to skills, and he said he would do his best to help young people realize their dream of skills.

Guo Weilu was highly evaluated by Simon Bartlett's contribution to the development of the world skills competition organization and the contribution of the world to the training of skilled people. He said that, with the care and support of Simon Bartlett, the world skill movement has developed rapidly in Shanghai in China. He hoped that Simon Bartlett and the teachers and students present to be a closer family, sincerely hope that the school conscientiously do a good job and guarantee work. With the help of Simon Bartlett's theory of deep professional skills and the influence of the World Skills Organization and various fields, the school hopes to promote the development of the school's various undertakings.

Zhang Lan, on behalf of the relevant departments of the city of Shanghai, warmly welcomed Simon Bartlett's visit and expressed sincere congratulations on the signing of the contract.

He said the professor emeritus appointment ceremony held today is not only to cooperation between Simon Bartlett and the special edition, but also in Shanghai following the forty-sixth World Cup after winning between the host and the world organization skills of a new round of strategic cooperation symbol, to strengthen international exchanges, promote skills sports skills with new milepost significance.

After the appointment ceremony, Simon Bartlett made a special report for the teachers and students. With the theme of "World Skills Organization, the power of skills to make the world better", he introduced the world skills organization, the world skills competition standards and standards, and how to better promote skills. He pointed out that under the joint efforts of all of us, we need to make the world better with the strength of skills, and constantly improve the visibility and recognition of technical talents, so as to demonstrate the importance of skills to economic growth and personal success. As an honorary professor of the school, Simon Bartlett taught his first class, and his humorous and easy to understand lectures won the applause of the teachers and students.

It is reported that Simon Bartlett served as an honorary professor of higher education is the first time in the country, in the future, he will do regularly for the teachers and students of Shanghai Publishing and Printing College teaching about "application skills" in the field of international academic frontiers, culture provides fruitful intellectual support and consulting services for school personnel.

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Simon Bartlett Englishman. The president of the world skill organization. He was a British skill organization and chief executive of the 2011 London World skills competition. He was a member of the world skill organization and the board of the European Skills Organization (European skill organization), the official representative of the British skill organization in the World Skills Organization and the European skill organization.

Before joining the British skill organization, Simon was the chairman of the family business building services department. Simon graduated from the Durham University in England and received a bachelor's degree in Engineering Science and management and a master's degree in management. He is a British Chartered Engineer, a member of the British Civil Engineering Association, a member of the London urban industry association, a member of the British government Skills Committee and a city and Industry Committee, and a former chairman of the small and Medium Business Council of the UK.

Product logo safety printing HP wide print head 03-14

In March 10, 2018, the international packaging industry exhibition Chinese (Sinopack), the Hewlett-Packard Co launched a high speed and high resolution labeling application (including one and two dimensional bar code) printing 22 mm wide print head, let the brand owners better senior product identification, security check and tracking.

The new HP 22 millimeter printing head is made by HP special printing system department. HP's thermal inkjet technology can be easily integrated into the original device manufacturer's printing system and configured to specific applications. It supports a wide range of two packaging product coding and labeling applications, including drug labels, medicine boxes, two level packaging boxes, label replacement and variable data printing (VariableDataPrinting/VDP).

AnnetteFriskopp, general manager of HP HP special printing system department, said: "to help brand owners protect their products, product identity is applied increasingly in manufacturing and supply chain. Intelligent barcode and richer data coding require high printing quality. HP's advanced technology of 22 millimeter printing head and printing ink can meet the needs of customers in this area. This new type of print head is more widely printed and can provide clearer image resolution at a faster rate. "


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